Missing Plane: Grief and anguish among families.

mpAs the search continues for the missing plane the revelation that “deliberate action” diverted flight MH370 has increased the anxiety of families gathered at a hotel near Beijing airport.

Jonathan Samuels reporting for Sky News in Beijing spoke to relatives of passengers from the missing jet watched a big screen, listening intently as the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak spoke. Nearly two thirds of the passengers on board the Boeing 777 were Chinese.


he spoke to the mother of student Lin Annan. She did not want to give me her name but with tears streaming down her face she said: “There’s something I really want to say to my son. I love you.  All of us love you.”

The 27-year-old was returning home from studying.

“Most of all I’m hoping for a miracle to bring everybody back safely. All of them,” his mother added.

Conspiracy theories have inevitably emerged among the family members and some openly suggested foul play.

Wen Wancheng’s son was on board the jet, and he said afterwards: “I feel (Malaysia Airlines) had a role to play in this incident.” He called the disappearance “a conspiracy … from the beginning”.

Malaysia Airlines representatives held a two-hour meeting with relatives earlier on Saturday, and speaking afterwards several said they remain frustrated with the lack of definite information.

The possibility of a hijack scenario gives the relatives a glimmer of hope. But it also means they remain in a confused agonising state!

Unfortunately for now the wait and wondering continues.

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